Dredged Material Management Program

MDOT MPA is responsible for finding adequate long term placement capacity for every one of the almost five million cubic yards of sediment that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredges annually from the shipping channels that link the Port of Baltimore to the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. In addition to finding the right placement capacity for all of that sediment - currently at sites like Poplar Island and Cox Creek - we are also responsible for ensuring that it is used in productive and innovative ways that benefit our local communities and the environment by creating wildlife habitat for countless species of plants and animals.

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Our Rolling 20-Year Plan

The DMMP is a rolling 20-year plan that provides guidance on the overall management of the state’s dredging requirements. Principally, the plan focuses on:

  • The continual removal of sediment from the shipping channels
  • The identification of the right placement sites to store the sediment
  • The development of other innovative tools and solutions for managing and using sediment

The DMMP is led by an Executive Committee - appointed by the State of Maryland - who in turn oversees a Management Committee comprising a diverse group of stakeholders including a citizen representative, senior managers from the MDOT MPA, state and federal regulatory agencies, local business leaders, academics, and non-governmental organizations. Together, they coordinate and provide guidance on the development and implementation of all of the various dredging initiatives and placement activities.

To learn more about our award-winning dredged material placement sites please click here.

2022 Reflections and a Pathway to Future Growth

This annual report provides a brief overview of the Maryland Department of Transportation Port Administration's long-term dredged material management plans, highlighting accomplishments for the year, and providing recommendations for 2023 and beyond.