Investing in our Community

The management of dredged material is complex, and it impacts many different people in and around the communities in which we operate. The Dredged Material Management Program is greatly enhanced by diverse stakeholder involvement that helps ensure the greatest social, environmental, and operational impacts are delivered and sustained over time. Working year-round, the port engages Marylanders in various activities tailored to community needs.


Advisory Committees

The Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP) works with a series of advisory committees that assist in implementing the DMMP to benefit the local and regional economy, environment, and community. Regular meetings of each committee are open to the public.

Field Trips and Tours

The Port offers a variety of tours, both onsite and virtual, to school groups, community groups, and special interest organizations.

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Providing educational opportunities for community members of all ages is a key element of the DMMP outreach program. Each year the Port works in nearly 300 classrooms and has developed educational programming for classrooms, homeschoolers, online learners, and adults. 


Dredged material sites are carefully designed to restore ecosystems and are ideal habitats for native animals, especially birds. Our birding tours and activities provide educational experiences and community access to some of the most popular birding sites in the state.

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Connect With Us

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